Become A Partner

Step 1 - Gathering all the Necessary Documents

Check out the list of requirements to the below. We recommend preparing them in electronic format before starting the application process below.

We require a government-issued photo ID as per the name linked to the USI Transcript.

A current copy of paid employment working with children clearance is to be attached.

For the business registration, a simple copy of your ABC Registration to demonstrate that you have a registered business. This is the business name that will be used to register with ABC First Aid.

ABC License Party Ltd carries Public Liability ($20M) and Professional Indemnity ($5M) insurances. A requirement is all approved partners have a $10M Public Liability insurance (with First Aid Training listed). We require an annual certificate of currency.

If you contract a first aid trainer, we require a copy of their insurance too. If you employ a trainer, we need an official letter from your insurer stating they are covered on your policy.

In the about your business section, we will ask about the training program you want to offer, who will deliver them, do you have trainers assisting the programs, the objectives of students per year, and so on.

This will give us a clear understanding of your background and objectives, and allows us to provide you with even more value toward the realization of your objectives.

All trainers are required to provide the following: USI Transcript, Certificate IV in Training and Assessment – TAE40116/TAE40122 OR Certificate IV in Training and Assessment – TAE40110 PLUS one of the following – TAELLN411 / TAELLN401A AND one of the following – TAEASS502 / TAESS502A / TAEASS502B OR a diploma or higher-level qualification in adult education OR a credential issued by a higher education provider (as defined by section 16-1 of the Higher Education Support Act 2003) which would enable the individual to satisfy the academic requirements for registration as a secondary school teacher in accordance with the registration requirements in at least one State or Territory, and one of the following credentials or the successor to one of the following credentials: TAESS00011/TAESS00019 Assessor Skill Set or TAESS00024 VET Delivered to School Students Teacher Enhancement Skill Set.

If your USI Transcript includes the qualification, and you have permitted us to verify, you don’t need to attach each certificate.

In addition to a resume signed and dated by you, we need a current Statement of Attainment for each course you intend to deliver.

We also need you to provide information about industry currency and how you remain up-to-date in industry-related skills and knowledge. We have in place, a simplified points-based system to guide you with this step. If you don’t have the information on hand, you can always progress through the application and come back to this, later.

Two professional written references from a superior and/or colleague in the training or first aid sector.

Lastly, a 5-minute video presentation on training-related delivery.

Application progress

Step 2 - Submitting Documents for Partnership Approval

Easy as 1, 2, 3. Once you start the application process, you will be prompted to upload the documents from Step 1, one-at-a-time.

Application progress

Step 3 - Receiving Approval from the ABC First Aid Team

Our onboarding team will review everything within 1 business day and contact you to move forward with your application.

Application progress

Once approved, we will be in touch to schedule an onboarding session at a convenient time for you. This purpose of this session is to show you how to navigate the Student Management System. In the same session, we will help you schedule your first classes.

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