ABC First Aid Partnerships FAQ's

Some FAQ's About Partnering With Us

When joining ABC, we ask that partners pre-load a system credit of $460.00 to their student management system. When you issue a SOA to a student, the amount payable to ABC is taken from the system credit. Let’s say a student completes a First Aid course and their SOA is issued. $20.00 is deducted from the partners system credit. 

You pay only for the statements of attainment (SOAs) that you issue. Note: additional administration fees may apply, as per the partnership guide. 

Yes, as an RTO we are required to collect student data for all enrolments. You have full access to your student data at all times and you can export if you need to. ABC does not deliver training, so we will not keep your student data to market for our own courses.

We aim to review all partner applications within one business day. If all information as has been submitted, our team will approve the application during the review. We will then reach out to schedule an onboarding session which could be as soon as the next day.

There are three ways that students can book into our partners courses. Our student management system has a unique iFrame for each partner, which is essentially a course calendar that shows all (public) courses that the partner has added to the student management system. The iFrame is embedded into the partners website and students can book directly through the partners website. This saves manual data entry for the partner.
If you don’t have a website, we have a landing page option that is specific for your courses. In addition, the website has a course calendar that shows all partners public courses. This is an additional benefit, as we essentially advertise our partners courses. Remember – we don’t deliver our own courses, our number one goal is for our partners to have students in their classroom.

Onboarding is where new partners attend a zoom meeting with our onboarding team to be shown our student management/learning management system. Although, it is easy to use, it is a great opportunity to ask questions and bein the position to hit the ground running.

Every new partner will be required to sign a Partnering Agreement, which is renewed annually, however it is not a lock in contract.

We expect our partners to deliver training to a minimum of 200 students per year.

ABC has ensured that the focus remains on the growth of you and your business. It is an easy transition from your current RTO provider. We will be there 100% of the way to make it a seamless experience. Book in for a meeting here.

At ABC, we love to see our partners do well! Their success is our success and it’s important for us to recognise this. We have a quarterly incentives program to recognise partners in a number of ways, including financial rewards for growth, recognition of positive feedback, assisting others in our communication forum, new partner progress and many more. Our incentives are designed to benefit you and your students.

No, websites are a great tool for marketing, however we don’t mandate you have a website.

We provide all pre-course learning material for students which consists of engaging videos and learning content. We have PowerPoint presentations, lesson plans, classroom activities and training and assessment strategies all available for our trainers/assessors. We also have a range of ABC textbooks (ABC Publications) which are popular amongst our trainers and students

We have training packages available for start up companies through to established businesses needing to refresh their equipment. Head over to our Additional Services page to see what we have available to support your business.

We offer a range of delivery methods which is dependent upon the course type and cohort. For example, CPR training may be provided over an online platform if the students are provided access to all equipment and they have proven CPR experience. Trainers/assessors must be approved for online delivery. Our online course delivery has strict maximum class sizes.

Yes, we do! We deliver ongoing professional development webinars, where industry experts are invited to present at each session. Each session also incorporates VET professional development updates. In addition, we have a monthly newsletter where we regularly communicate updates to our trainers/assessors. All of our trainers/assessors have an additional benefit of a NIFAT membership discount. We also provide all training partners with a discount code for a VELG Membership, where they can attend free monthly webinars (paid membership required) and access a range of VET related content, templates and checklists.

All trainers/assessors are required to complete annual professional development which is reviewed 6-monthly. We have in place a simple currency and professional development/ program that guides you on how to complete the PD. Attending our free PD sessions is a great way to stay up to date. ABC Partners are also required to adhere to various compliance requirements set by ABC, including marketing and advertising guidelines.

The team are available Monday – Friday during business hours. We have a business development team as well as a partner support team who can be contacted directly by phone or email. Our goal is to respond to all partner calls or emails the same day without delay. For partners requiring after hours urgent support, we have contact solutions in place.

Our policy at ABC is ensuring our partners have access to industry current representatives to assist with first aid related queries. We always aim to be available by phone or email to answer your queries, with no long wait times or a need to schedule a call. This support is what we pride ourselves on. In addition, our communications platform is a great way to post questions to other partners, who are always interested in sharing and supporting one another.

We can certainly provide advice on how to get started. We also can provide you with contact details of our marketing consultants, who specialise in Google SEO and Ads. 

Congratulations on the growth of your business! Speak directly to your Partnerships Manager or review courses here

100% – ABC supports businesses from all around Australia. As we move to the virtual world, ABC is committed to growth in regional areas and will be available to support on all levels of the success of your business.

With First Aid services needing support nationwide, ABC invests time to assist our partners with approaching funding opportunities.

As we now live in a new world of technology it is important to understand that ABC is moving with the times. We are 100% online with our administration and are aiming to be an environmentally friendly business now and in the future. However, there are partners that have students who prefer paper copies of course materials. ABC accommodates for paper based course delivery, however utilising technology to navigate our student management system will be required. ABC has a diligent on boarding team who will ensure your success by supporting you every step of the way.

Yes, it is a requirement for you to hold Professional Indemnity and Public Liability insurance. More details can be found here

Yes, it is paramount that you are successful in your small business. We have a dedicated team of experts with a collective business experience of over 50 years that are here to help. Book a meeting or a one-on-one call with our Partnerships Manager.

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