Why ABC First Aid?​

3 Reasons To Partner With Us

We don't compete with you!

Our number one goal is for our partners to have students in their classrooms.

We have good visibility

ABC has been around for many years, when potential students search for first aid courses, our name often appears at the top of search results. Potential students are directed to our partner’s course calendar for booking. This is an additional benefit, at no cost to you. The same goes for phone calls, we will gladly direct your future students to your courses.

Your data is safe with us

When you add your student data to the ABC student management system, it’s safe to say your data is protected. We won’t keep it to promote our courses. All data collection is used to meet regulatory requirements only. We are one of the only RTOs in Australia to not compete with their partners and that is how it will stay.

Top-notch student & learning management systems

We built our management system with our partners in mind.

Easy to use

With a direct link from our partners’ website, this saves any manual data entry for our partners. Students can enrol into classes seamlessly and will receive automated enrolment emails directly from the training partner.


Partners can invoice students directly from the system and student fees are sent directly to the partner. The system provides for detailed reporting to assist our partners with all the must-have reporting details whilst operating a business. Statements of Attainment are usually issued the same day to provide fast and efficient service.


Our course resources are informative and engaging. Students complete online learning prior to attending a practical session. We promote practical hands-on sessions to provide the best opportunity to learn by doing.

Your success is our success!

ABC is committed to consistent and never ending improvement.

One of our key objectives is to ensure a constant flow of students gaining their qualifications. Business development partnerships that ABC has been engaging in and provide access for all our partners include

Hear From Some Of Our Current First Aid Partners

Additional Benefits We Provide To Our Partners

Superior Customer Support

Our partners know they can contact us at any time and we will be there. Our customer support team strives to answer all queries on the same day, without delay.

Professional Development

Free Professional Development

Monthly professional development workshops and webinars for all of our training partners to attend, delivered by experts.

Our workshops are scheduled with industry-related content, VET updates and business-related topics in mind.

All of our partners are provided with a VELG Training membership discount code. VELG offers monthly webinars as well as a plethora of high quality resources. 

Members can access over 80+ VelgCasts (short videos just like a PodCast) on topics that related to their jobs in the VET industry

ABC Publications

We create and deliver bespoke textbooks and e-books to enhance student learning and engagement. 

Our partners receive up to 40% off the RRP. The books are customisable including add your logo.

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