CARDIACT Alarmed AED Cabinet ‘Heart of the Nation’ (Yellow) 41 x 33 x 19cm

The Heart of the Nation labeled CardiAct CC-90 Alarmed Outdoor Cabinet provides a compact and secure cabinet for storage of most AEDs. Designed for confined spaces with its compact size the cabinet also provides clear visibility of the AED with a transparent polycarbonate door that includes AED signage for easy identification in emergencies. Defending against the weather the CC-90 provides weatherproof protection against dust rain cold rust and humidity with an IP rating of IP54. The CC-90 is suitable for use with the CardiAct Cabinet Stand for versatile mounting options. The  CC-90s Yellow design and Heart of the Nation labelling enhances visibility making it an ideal choice for AEDs located in the  public and accessibly to anyone. This cabinet ensures that life-saving Automated External Defibrillators (AEDs) are easily accessible promoting rapid response. IP Rating: IP54