What is a first aid RTO and why do I need one?

Working As A First Aid Trainer? Here’s Why You Should Partner With An RTO

When you work as a first aid trainer, it’s not easy managing all the different courses you deliver and students you teach. Keeping track of other things can take time away from what you do best – training people in first aid! 

If you’re struggling to manage everything on your own, it’s about time you considered partnering with a first aid RTO like ABC Partnerships.  

Partnering With An RTO Puts You On The Map

For starters, the greatest benefit of joining a first aid RTO is that you become part of a registered organisation. As an individual trainer or small business, you may not have adequate resources or time to become an RTO. In this case, signing up for third-party arrangements or training partnerships offers a solution. 

It’s a way for non-registered training providers to offer nationally recognised courses. According to the 2015 Standards for RTOs, a third party is any individual or company that provides training services on behalf of the RTO.

So, if you join ABC Partnerships, you’ll be doing so on behalf of a recognised training provider. 

RTOs Handle Compliance and Accreditation Requirements

As an individual trainer, there are only so many things you can handle on your own. When you sign up with an RTO like ABC Partnerships, we take care of things like accreditation and compliance requirements. This frees you up to focus on things like training your students and improving your skills with further courses. 

And as you pursue career growth, the RTO offers support via user-friendly online systems. These are designed to help you monitor students’ progress and get valuable insights about your training. You also get access to informative and engaging resources, as well as opportunities for upskilling. 

Manage Your Course Calendar and Activities

Still not sure how an RTO can benefit your first aid training career? Think of it as having an assistant to help you manage your entire calendar and course activities. Collaborating with an RTO like ABC Partnerships gives you access to an online trainer hub. 

This is where you can log all your respective courses on a calendar to allow better time management. And with a reliable organisation, you’ll even get the chance to work with a dedicated manager who can help you navigate the entire process.

Attend Upskilling Courses

As a first aid trainer, it’s important that you’re constantly improving your skill set and prepared to teach different courses. Unfortunately, going solo can leave little time to take on new courses because you’re so busy managing training activities. 

On the other hand, signing up with an RTO such as ABC Partnerships means that you can attend frequent training sessions. These are specific courses designed to help partners in key areas, allowing them to operate a successful training business.

You Get Loads of Other Benefits

With an RTO partnership, you also get access to a number of additional benefits, like training resources developed by first aid experts. Similarly, you don’t have to sit down every weekend to make a report on your activities – an online hub makes data gathering simple and convenient. 

You won’t need to carry your course materials and training resources with you either. Thanks to the trainer hub, you can download all relevant materials to any device. And if you’ve ever tried managing a course including numerous students, you’ll know how difficult it can be without the right resources. 

An RTO partnership provides you with an online student management system so you can organise course materials and report students’ results. Plus, you can keep them happy by offering a fast turnaround for issuing Statements of Attainment.

Partner With An RTO To Start Focusing On Your Students

To sum it up, working as a third party training provider under an RTO comes with various perks. You can access various resources, a management infrastructure, and get regular upskilling courses, too.

Of course, it’s essential to choose an RTO that complies with the 2015 Standards for RTOs and follows ASQA requirements.

With ABC Partnerships, you can join a nation-wide network of different training partners and access multiple benefits of first aid RTO collaborations. Contact us at 1300 484 136 to book a meeting or visit our website to send an enquiry.